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We offer the lightest, thinnest and highest resolution displays

World's first truly mass manufacturable diffractive waveguide displays. The most demanding global brands put our waveguides through the tests. We always out-perform on image quality, FOV, clarity and form factor.

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Our Waveguides

A waveguide is a thin (about 1mm, with some variations even smaller), transparent element that takes in a projected image and relays it to the eye. At Dispelix, we have the unique mix of technologies that deliver superior end-user experience for mixed reality smart-glasses as well as other AR devices.

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Dispelix DPX - Selvä

Versatile FOV

Selva is ideal for the widest FOV ranges and design flexibility.

30-50 degrees

Slimmest waveguide on the market today!

Incredibly thin design

Enabled by Dispelix single-layer design.

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Säde is ideal for lightweight, small devices with the brightest images.

High Contrast

Our approach allows for high brightness and contrast, a larger 3D color gamut, better security and privacy, and higher efficiency.

Temple-side projection

Enables side vision safety (awareness of the space) and better esthetics.

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Dispelix DPX product line

We design, sell and supply DPX branded waveguide displays to product owners and their suppliers

See the World as We See It

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Our see-through display technology powers augmented reality devices for the masses. Accelerate your time-to-market.

Powering AR Experiences That Push Boundaries

Deliver your vision with the lightest, brightest, and most versatile waveguides on the market.