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Powering AR Experiences That Push Boundaries

Deliver your vision with the lightest, brightest and most versatile waveguides on the market.

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Move at the Pace of Innovation

Stay on the cutting-edge with rapid in-house development that continually redefines what’s possible in AR displays. We ensure both, high performance and high-yield mass manufacturing methodologies for our displays. We use self-developed algorithms and parallel computing for diffractive waveguide design and optimization.

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To Light Up a Brighter Future

At Dispelix, we believe the future of AR will change the way we see the world and each other; expanding human vision and ability, connecting people across boundaries.

Remarkable image quality. Achieve vivid colors and razor-sharp images on the thinnest waveguides possible.

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DPX -Ohut Ideal for 30-50 degree FOVs, single layer, support for DLP, LCoS, Aesthetic Design, Bright, sharp, uniform AR imagery, all day wearables.

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DPX -Selvä Ideal for the widest FOV ranges and design flexibility, support for DLP, LCoS, MicroLed, Single-layer design, thin, excellent form factor, all day wearables

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DPX -Säde Ideal for ultralight, small devices with the brightest images, supports LBS, superior optical performance.

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All our waveguides are designed with optical performance and cost efficiency. We set the standard.

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Working at the Edge of What's Possible

United by a stubborn passion to create, we consistently exceed the ambitious demands of our AR display customers

Our waveguide displays offer the best enterprise and consumer AR experience in the industry. We enable our customers to deliver AR devices with the finest form, function and quality.

  • Customization

  • Off the shelf

  • Flexible for tailored lens cut

  • Color Uniformity



Pioneering technology, Aesthetic Design, Unmatched Image Quality

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Partnered with AAC and others for mass manufacturing to support the growing global demand associated with AR and MR markets


Cost efficiency & high yield, IN HOUSE line for small quantities, Mass Manufacturing team enables volume partners to execute fast

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Enterprise and Consumer AR

Dispelix’s waveguides provide enterprise and consumer market customers with unparalleled freedom in AR design, image quality, and reliable supply at scale. Achieved on a single layer

  • Elegant design

  • Pure and balanced colors

  • Reliable supply at scale

Trusted and Partnered with the best

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May 17, 2022

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Dispelix and Avegant Partner on Advanced Optical Solution for AR

Apr 20, 2022

Both Companies will Optimize the World’s Smallest LED Light Engine For Augmented Reality to Work With the Nanotech-Enhanced Waveguide Technology From Dispelix

Diffractive Optics Waveguide Displays for Laser Beam Scanning Jussi Rahomäki, CPO at Dispelix

KEYNOTE: LaserWorld 2022

Mar 22, 2022

Jussi Rahomäki will be speaking at LaserWorld. Diffractive Optics Waveguide Displays for Laser Beam Scanning

Powering AR Experiences That Push Boundaries

Deliver your vision with the lightest, brightest, and most versatile waveguides on the market