Waveguide Technology

See-through, full-color waveguide combiners for a wide range of XR applications. From near-eye to head-up.

Diffractive surface relief waveguides

Our core technology is founded on pioneering work in the design and fabrication of surface relief diffraction gratings on single-layer waveguide substrates. Our technology platform encompasses everything from waveguide design and mastering to nanomanufacturing and metrology for mass production.


Proprietary software

Dispelix uses self-developed, in-house software for designing waveguides. Our waveguide design software tools and team are globally unmatched.

Our algorithms simulate the behavior of the electromagnetic field in both grating structures and complete waveguides. We utilize both field-based and ray-optics algorithms to simulate both coherent and incoherent light.

From the simulated outgoing field, our design software computes the quantities that characterize the optical performance of a waveguide. The software has algorithms and features to optimize sophisticated waveguide designs. Our optimization capabilities include traditional optimization algorithms as well as artificial intelligence.

Optics simulation and optimization in a large design space require a lot of computing power. High-performance computing is essential in our work to execute simulations in a sufficiently short time.

Why it matters

Optimized experiences

Everything we do is driven by the goal of optimizing the user-experienced image quality.

Unmatched design capability

Design work is carried out using high-performance parallel, GPU, and cloud computing methods.

Design for manufacturing

Our software transforms our designs into industry-standard formats for automated manufacturing.


Wafer fabrication

Dispelix develops, ramps up, and scales mass manufacturing processes for waveguides based on its technology. As a fabless company, we work in close cooperation with our production partners.

The processes we develop and deliver are stable, wafer-based, and scalable for mass production volumes.

We systematically develop our manufacturing processes to meet the requirements of current and future product generations.

Why this matters


We verify our manufacturing processes during the development stage so that designed production processes meet quality expectations.


We combine our own expertise with our carefully evaluated and selected manufacturing partners to ensure quality and scalability.


We systematically develop our products and production technology with our partners to meet future customer needs and expectations.


Quality in manufacturing

Dispelix’s processes are constantly optimized and developed with a single aim — to offer our customers the best waveguides possible. This relentless approach enables designs to be verified, manufacturing processes to be developed, and product quality to be controlled before delivery.

Our manufacturing processes are verified during development to ensure they are stable and capable, so that they will meet all the quality requirements. To fabricate best-in-class waveguides, both optical and dimensional quality parameters are thoroughly controlled. Our metrology team works together with our partners to ensure that the latest measurement technology is implemented on mass production lines.

Why it matters

Committed to Quality

Exceptional quality is born out of our pioneering attitude towards new technology. We know that without this firm commitment to quality, technology cannot cross the chasm to reach mainstream consumers.

Delivering Quality

Quality doesn’t just happen – it is created with leading quality methodologies. To help us break the boundaries of expectations, our team includes various colors of Lean Six Sigma belts.

Redefining quality

Quality leadership isn’t born in a vacuum, without the voice of the customer. We constantly work on defining metrics that best reflect the user experience and customer expectations.

A technological vision

Our lives are filled with complex interfaces – buttons, screens, gadgets, and peripherals. They blur our vision and distract us from our focus. Dispelix waveguide technology is designed to replace this complexity with simplicity.

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Our waveguides

We believe waveguide XR glasses can replace the smartphone – a tectonic shift in consumer behavior. A sea change in technology and the way we live our lives.

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Selvä Waveguide

Thin, light, and transparent. Compatible with LED projector technologies.

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Säde Waveguide

Extremely thin, light, and transparent. Compatible with laser projector technologies.

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