XR Waveguide Engineering

Made to exceed expectations.

Designed by Dispelix

Extensive, customer-specific waveguide engineering that exceeds user expectations.

Co-creating success

Engineering fully customized waveguides is all about co-creation. We combine our customers’ needs and expectations with our waveguide design and manufacturing expertise.


User experience factors are converted into technical requirements for a waveguide.


Rapid simulations are performed with different waveguide performance priorities.


The preferred waveguide design is computationally optimized and prototyped.

Full customization

Globally unmatched waveguide design capability.

Our waveguide design teams consist mainly of individuals with PhDs who have dedicated their career to diffractive optics design, R&D, and engineering. The end result? Fully customized waveguide designs.

Dispelix designs are optimized for optical performance and manufacturability. Partnering with Dispelix helps reduce prototype iterations, increase the user appeal of products, and shorten the time to market.

Prototyping and characterization

Prototyping is fundamental to developing custom waveguides. Dispelix has direct access to state-of-the-art manufacturing and metrology equipment for rapid prototyping and characterization of waveguides.

Manufacturing development

We offer extensive expertise in materials, manufacturing processes, and metrology.

Waveguide manufacturing processes are verified during the development stage. We are committed to ensuring that the manufacturing processes of our waveguide designs meet the strict quality requirements of commercial mass production.

We use only carefully evaluated, expert manufacturing partners. Throughout manufacturing development, we work closely with our partners to ensure that components and manufacturing processes are scalable and meet quality requirements.

Our supply chain operations translate customer demand into delivery plans in close cooperation with our manufacturing partners. In this way, we stay on top of the technological and economic changes that are inevitable in the long term.

Scale with us

Our services extend from waveguide design and prototyping to mass production ramping and scaling.

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