Pegatron unveils AR glasses reference design with Dispelix see-through displays

Pegatron, one of the world’s largest electronics manufacturing companies, and Dispelix, a leading see-through waveguide display developer for extended reality (XR), are proud to unveil their new reference design for AR glasses during the consumer electronics show, CES 2024 in Las Vegas.

The newly launched AR glasses reference design serves as a streamlined platform for consumer and enterprise original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), enabling them to realize and launch their final AR products with a reduced time to market and full system-level compatibility.

The reference design’s binocular full-color display module consists of Dispelix’s diffractive waveguide displays and miniature LCoS projectors. The glasses also integrate a set of other key components, including an 8-megapixel camera, microphone, and speakers in a lightweight and compact form. The reference design addresses various consumer and enterprise use cases. While serving OEM customers as a platform, the reference design also offers an interface for the development of various AI and AR applications that benefit from an advanced AR display experience. For example, one of the experiences demonstrated with the reference design is simultaneous translation.

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The reference design uses Dispelix single-layer, full-color waveguide displays for eyeglass-form AR glasses, which provide a rich and comfortable user experience. The thin and light waveguide display delivers a bright and sharp full-color image, while the large eyebox ensures that users can easily keep virtual content in their field of vision. The waveguide is optimized for a 30-degree diagonal field of view.

“Through the reference design, which is a complete solution that combines all core technologies, we can provide our OEM customers with an accelerated path to realizing and commercializing their product visions for both the consumer and enterprise markets,” says Andy Lin, Dispelix Vice President of Sales and Partnerships for APAC. “The launch of the first complete AR glasses reference design with Dispelix see-through display technology is an important milestone for us in commercializing our see-through waveguide display technology.”

About Dispelix

Dispelix develops and delivers transparent waveguides that are used as see-through displays in extended reality (XR) devices. Our elegant, high-performance XR waveguides seamlessly combine the virtual and the real. We are a trusted and visionary partner for the industry leaders in XR, enabling them to redefine the form, function, and feel of XR wearables. Dispelix is headquartered in Finland, with subsidiaries in the United States and China.

About Pegatron

Pegatron is a Taiwan-based electronics manufacturing company that builds various communications, computing, and consumer electronics for leading global brands. With abundant product design and development experience as well as vertically integrated manufacturing, Pegatron is committed to providing its clients with innovative design, systematic production, and manufacturing service in order to comprehensively and efficiently satisfy all of the customers’ needs.

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