Dispelix, ColorChip, and Maradin today announced a partnership to further advance Laser Beam Scanning (LBS) solutions for augmented reality (AR) glasses. The collaboration integrates Dispelix’s diffractive waveguide displays, Color Chip’s PLC (Planar Light Circuit) beam combiner, and Maradin’s MEMS projection technology for LBS. All three companies will be participating in AWE Europe 2022.

LBS technology offers some important advantages for AR glasses. These include small form-factor glasses that are lightweight and enabled by thin, full-color waveguide displays with compact, low-power LBS projectors. Additional advantages are high brightness and color optimization via pixel-to-pixel control.

“Our partnership demonstrates the importance of working together and bringing the clear benefits of LBS technology closer to product and consumer readiness,” said Pia Harju, Vice President of Business Development, Dispelix. “These combined efforts will ensure optimal compatibility with consumer market requirements and result in brightness and contrast levels that will make all-day wearables a reality.”

“Together we are creating a clearer path to consumer-ready and wearable AR glasses that are comfortable, bright, and light,” said Yigal Ezra, CEO of ColorChip. “Our collective team of experts are advancing the core technology components that will soon support an unlimited portfolio of products in the AR glasses space.”

“I am so excited that people will be able to experience AR glasses with an LBS display module based on the innovative collaboration between Dispelix, ColorChip, and Maradin,” said Matan Naftali, CEO of Maradin. “It will be interesting to see how product designers integrate this innovation into new products and make it available for all of us to use.”

About ColorChip Group

ColorChip is a technology innovator, designer, and manufacturer in the fields of photonic integrated circuits based on its home-grown PLC waveguide technology. The company is delivering an array of advanced optical sub-systems spanning from the infrared regime, used in high-speed connectivity solutions for mega data centers, in addition to the visual regime used in the fields of AR/MR, Automotive and Medical industries. In the AR/MR use case, ColorChip integrates its proprietary ColorMux solution, the smallest and optically optimized miniature RGB, PLC waveguide-based projector, with a novel MEMS scanner. These two elements form an LBS based optical head which is integrated into waveguide-based AR glasses. ColorChip solution is based on a proven technology that is in mass production and scales at the lowest cost in automated assembly facilities.

ColorChip is headquartered in Israel and operates its own PLC FAB dedicated to the production of SystemOnGlass™ optical heads, NPI and R&&D center. In Jiashan China, ColorChip operates a mass production facility, spanning 12,000 SQM and hundreds of operators. ColorChip has a front office serving North America customers. www.color-chip.com

About Maradin

Maradin Ltd. develops and markets innovative 1D and 2D MEMS scanning mirrors and mirror controllers. Maradin offers a core component for OEMs developing miniature laser scanning projectors in consumer electronics (CE) and automotive heads-up displays (HUD).

In addition, the company offers customized MEMS mirror solutions for a wide range of industrial, medical and defense applications. The Maradin team comprises seasoned professionals with vast know-how and proven track records in MEMS scanning mirrors design and control, as well as in advanced MEMS manufacturing processes. Founded in 2007, with headquarters in Israel, Maradin offers its customers a strong technology base and innovative products, along with dedicated support and service. www.maradin.co.il

About Dispelix

Dispelix develops and delivers see-through waveguide combiners that are used as transparent displays in extended reality (XR) devices. Our elegant, high-performance XR waveguides seamlessly combine the virtual and the real. We are a trusted and visionary partner for the industry leaders in XR, enabling them to redefine the form, function, and feel of XR wearables. Dispelix is headquartered Finland, with subsidiaries in the United States and China.

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