Dispelix, the technology leader in see-through augmented reality (AR) displays, has announced the release of the DPX 30-50° waveguide display. The launch follows a series of major upgrades to the DPX 30°, an ultra-thin, high-performance, and mass-manufacturable see-through near-eye AR waveguide display.

The world’s thinnest and lightest near-eye diffractive waveguide display, the DPX 30-50° is optimized to deliver multiple fields of view and provides a full-color augmented reality experience, allowing producers of AR eyewear to create attractive, user-friendly, and ultra-compact products. The waveguide is offered either as a standalone display or as part of a turnkey model alongside an optical engine that offers good resolution and high efficiency, allowing for brighter images and longer battery life within a compact form factor.

The original DPX 30° waveguide display, released in 2019, boasted several advanced features including a small light incoupling area, 2D exit pupil expansion, a large eyebox, and a wide 30-degree field of view. Dispelix has now made a number of developments to the DPX 30° to further improve the waveguide’s utility for customers, including a field of view upgrade from 30 to 50 degrees and further enhancements in image quality. In addition, the new DPX 30-50° sees the introduction of broader compatibility to incorporate DLP, LCoS, and MicroLED projector technologies.

Antti Sunnari, CEO at Dispelix, said: “We have been working hard over the past year to deliver enhanced features on the DPX 30°, which was already an industry-leading product with several unique benefits. The newly released DPX 30-50° will give our customers even better image quality alongside enhanced flexibility, further supporting their success by allowing them to use the waveguide for more advanced applications.” Sunnari continued: “We encourage anyone building an AR wearable to contact us to experience the new displays firsthand.”

About Dispelix

Dispelix develops and delivers see-through waveguide combiners that are used as transparent displays in extended reality (XR) devices. Our elegant, high-performance XR waveguides seamlessly combine the virtual and the real. We are a trusted and visionary partner for the industry leaders in XR, enabling them to redefine the form, function, and feel of XR wearables. Dispelix is headquartered Finland, with subsidiaries in the United States and China.

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