Dispelix, the leader in see-through waveguide displays for augmented reality (AR) & mixed reality (MR) wearables, and AAC Technologies Holdings Inc. (“AAC”, HKEx: 2018) (AAC), the world-leading solutions provider for smart devices, announce a strategic partnership to ensure the AR & MR wearables industry has access to the highest quality see-through waveguide displays in the world.

With the announcement, AAC becomes one of Dispelix’s strategic partners for mass manufacturing of Dispelix's see-through waveguide displays to support the growing global demand associated with the AR and MR wearables markets. The companies are working together to provide the highest quality waveguide displays designed to deliver industry-leading form factor, image quality, and clarity performance for all customers globally.

The win-win partnership brings together Dispelix’s unique waveguide technology and AAC’s unparalleled expertise in wafer-level optics mass manufacturing.

Antti Sunnari, CEO of Dispelix, said: “We’re delighted to announce our partnership with AAC, one of the very few mass manufacturers of high-precision miniaturized optical components for high-volume consumer applications. AAC’s proven expertise in ramping up, scaling, and efficiently operating novel and highly complex wafer-level manufacturing processes for mass customized optical components adds a completely new dimension to our offering. The partnership will ensure strength & competitive edge for customers of both companies with highly manufacturable waveguide display solutions featuring unmatched performance and quality. Any organization developing an AR or MR wearable understands the quality of the display is critical, because without a high-quality display their wearable will be a failure in the eyes of consumers.”

Dr. Antonino F. Parrinello, Head of Corporate Development, AAC said: “We are delighted to join Dispelix in their path toward deployment of high-end AR solutions to the consumer market. This partnership will leverage the full potential of AAC’s unique manufacturing platform and global operations to support all customers engaged in the development of system-level solutions enabled by Dispelix’s unique technology. AAC considers this moment of rapid growth of the AR/MR market as an important opportunity to deliver strategic value for our customers and to continue to strengthen our position as a global leader in the precision optics space.”

About AAC Technologies

AAC Technologies Group is the world’s leading solutions provider for smart devices with cutting edge technologies in materials research, simulation, algorithms, design, automation, and process development. The Group provides advanced miniaturized and proprietary technology solutions in Acoustics, Optics, Electromagnetic Drives and Precision Mechanics, MEMS, Radio Frequency and Antenna for applications in the consumer electronics and automotive markets. The Group has 32 offices in Asia-Pacific area, Europe, and US, 13 production sites in China, Czech Republic, Malaysia, and Vietnam, and 19 R&D centers in China, US, Finland, Denmark, UK, South Korea, Japan, and Singapore.

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About Dispelix

Dispelix develops and delivers see-through waveguide combiners that are used as transparent displays in extended reality (XR) devices. Our elegant, high-performance XR waveguides seamlessly combine the virtual and the real. We are a trusted and visionary partner for the industry leaders in XR, enabling them to redefine the form, function, and feel of XR wearables. Dispelix is headquartered Finland, with subsidiaries in the United States and China.

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