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Working at the Edge of What’s Possible

United by a stubborn passion to create, we consistently exceed the ambitious demands of our AR display customers.

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Why Dispelix’s Waveguides Are The Best

We ensure both high performance and high-yield mass manufacturing of our displays. We use self-developed algorithms and parallel computing for diffractive waveguide design and optimization.

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Our Technology

Our displays are based on patented and proprietary diffractive surface relief gratings fabricated on high refractive index glass wafers. For grating fabrication, we use nanoimprinting and other proven mass manufacturing methods.

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We implement challenging designs, better and faster than anyone else

Juuso Olkkonen

CTO & Co-founder

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We leverage our unique R&D process to develop custom products at a highly efficient pace.

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Off the shelf

20,000x faster than any other ray tracing-based simulation tool

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Rapid prototypes, reduced production cycles, GTM strategy and consulting

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Dispelix Facilities

We’re growing rapidly, located in Silicon Valley & Helsinki with facilities China and Taiwan.

  • Broad form factor range

  • Panascopic tilt

  • Large eyebox


Getting Started

Here’s how to work with the world’s most sought after experts in optics, photonics, and manufacturing:

  • Evaluation Kits

  • Short Run Waveguides

  • NRE Projects

  • Off the shelf

  • Large Format/HUD

  • Custom R&D