LBS technology, gearing up to be one of the best solutions, Dr. Jussi Rahomäki, President, Dispelix USA, Weighs in

Apr 23, 2021

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As we launched the LaSAR Alliance a few weeks ago, I was reminded and inspired to see all the talk about LBS. Let’s start with SPIE–  STMicroelectronics and OQmented announced they’re joining forces to begin work on the manufacturing and marketing developments of MEMS (mirror-based LBS solutions)…Then SPIE had a panelist spotlight -expert panelists all agreeing that LBS technology was one of the best solutions for the future of the AR/VR industry. The enthusiasm was shared unanimously!

Bharath Rajagopalan (STMicro), further mentioned, LBS technology presents the best performances for form factor, volume, power, and brightness. Moreover, in terms of resolution, Oleg Petrak from OQmented has presented promising results on Lissajous method for LBS technology during his talk.

Other mentions were in Laser focus world who referenced quite a few organizations, all focused on LBS.   As it is mentioned here ‘The ultimate Trophy, however, is to reach widespread commercial adoption, a world in which AR glasses are comfortable, affordable, natural and easy to use…’  This is spot on when it comes to industry demand and what we’re doing at Dispelix.  Not only do we remain focused on the thinnest waveguide for consumer and enterprise, but we’re the most cost effective and now we’re the most desirable wearable.  Our research continues to show consumers want a wearable that matches what a standard popular pair of eyeglasses looks like and that’s exactly what we’ve done! We’ll be announcing our latest version at the AWS show and we encourage all to stop on in our booth in November. Of course, feel free to inquire at for additional information.

In other news, The U.S. Army said last Wednesday that Microsoft has won a contract to build more augmented reality headsets. The contract for over 120,000 headsets could be worth up to $21.88 billion over 10 years- Ultimately, the U.S. Army moved this project from prototype to production.  What that means for Augmented Realty and the evolution of LBS is huge…it’s exciting to see the industry is moving rapidly and into action.

And as a board member and tasked with looking for new members for LaSAR Alliance , in no time, we’re seeing many want to come on board! Just a few days ago, we welcomed EyeWay.  We’re confident they’ll continue to join the driving force that will evolve AR wearable devices as we know them today.  “EyeWay’s system offers an immersive AR experience, and we expect their participation to further fuel the technology and grow this dynamic market,” said Bharath Rajagopalan, (STmicro) and also serves as Chair of the LaSAR Alliance. 

In conclusion, we are now seeing more and more visions converting into executed projects and companies are focused on key fundamentals, FOV, easiest production, cost effectiveness, and real-world use cases … We continue to push our R&D efforts to design the most cost effective scalable solutions that are easily adopted in both enterprise and consumer markets. The Alliance is focused on working with the world’s leaders in AR to push the envelope on LBS and we’re excited to see the movement.

If you’d like to inquire about joining or want to learn more about the alliance, email us at

About Dispelix Dispelix is an advanced waveguide designer and manufacturer, delivering next-generation visual solutions for both consumer as well as enterprise AR and MR wearables. The company's patented single layer DPX waveguides are the thinnest on the market and do not compromise full color, image quality, clear eye contact, and field of view. They bring unmatched image quality, performance and visual fidelity combined with mass manufacturability to scale for even the largest vendors. Led by the world's most sought-after experts in optics, photonics and manufacturing, Dispelix is headquartered in the technology hub of Espoo, Finland with field offices throughout the United States, China and Taiwan. Learn more at


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