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About Us

Dispelix is an advanced waveguide designer and manufacturer, delivering next-generation visual solutions for both consumer as well as enterprise AR and MR wearables. The company's patented single layer DPX waveguides are the thinnest on the market and do not compromise full color, image quality, clear eye contact, and field of view. They bring unmatched image quality, performance and visual fidelity combined with mass manufacturability to scale for even the largest vendors. Led by the world's most sought-after experts in optics, photonics and manufacturing, Dispelix is headquartered in the technology hub of Espoo, Finland with field offices throughout the United States, China and Taiwan. Learn more at

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Product Downloads

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DPX -Selvä

DPX -Selvä Ideal for the widest FOV ranges and design flexibility, support for DLP, LCoS, MicroLed, single-layer design, thin, excellent form factor, all day wearables.

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DPX -Säde

DPX - Säde Ideal for ultralight, small devices with the brightest images, supports LBS, superior optical performance.

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Customize your glasses

Ideal for ultralight, small devices with the brightest images, supports LBS, superior optical performance.

Logos & Brand Guidelines

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Management Team

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Chief Executive Officer | Co-Founder

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Chief Scientific Officer | Co-Founder

Paula Scaled


Chief Financial Officer

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Chief Technology Officer

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Chief Product Officer l President of Dispelix USA

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General Counsel

Josh Littlefield


Chief Revenue Officer


When was Dispelix founded?

Dispelix was founded in 2015 in Espoo, Finland.

Where is Dispelix located?

Dispelix was founded and is located in Espoo Finland, with additional teams that work globally. 

US offices opened in 2020; China offices opened in 2021; Taiwan offices opened in 2021

New European office will open by Q4 2022

How many people work for Dispelix?

Dispelix currently has 137 employees.

Who are the founders of Dispelix?

Antti Sunari, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder

Juuso Olkkonen, Chief Scientific Officer and Co-Founder

How much money has the company raised and where are you in your funding rounds?

Dispelix has raised $50 Million in Series B, with an additional round scheduled to close in 2022.

Who has invested in the company?

Dispelix counts among its investors VTT Ventures, Atlantic Bridge, Flashpoint, Lifeline Ventures, 3M, CCD Trust, Tesi.