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Laser Beam Scanning Technology & Dispelix Waveguides

Partnered with ST Micro, Applied Materials, Avegant and OQmented (among others) Dispelix develops diffractive waveguides that leverage laser technology that combine strong aesthetics and cost-effective manufacturability.

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Founded in late 2020, the LaSAR Alliance was established to create an ecosystem of innovative companies to foster and encourage the development of technologies leveraging LBS (Laser Beam Scanning) solutions. Dispelix, a founding member of the alliance works closely with partners for support of near-to-eye displays. Members collaborate to develop ODM/OEM components, and to design and develop AR devices that are cutting edge. The strength of the alliance is massive and best practices are shared to help drive growth of the market for augmented reality wearables in general.

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Leveraging various partners of the alliance, we continue to raise the bar with LBS technology and our displays. We continue to answer to the needs of our customers and guide them in areas they hadn't yet thought were possible.

Jussi Rahomaki

President, Dispelix, USA

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Advantages of Using LBS and How Dispelix addresses image quality, FOV and Uniformity

It all starts with the waveguide ....

Laser beam scanning (LBS) modules coupled with reflective, refractive, and diffractive waveguides are an integral part of laser displays, where the specific requirements depend on the source specifications, modulation technique, and the scanning method being employed in the display.

When coupled with

compact, fast, reliable technologies such as MEMS mirrors, a scanning-based laser system can accurately render laser-sharp images with a broad color gamut that are then displayed to users using beam-combiner technology.

Engineered to Get You to Market

Dispelix delivers technology enabling the future of AR products across consumer and enterprise markets. It’s essential to your development we turn your hypothetical concept into physical reality fast. All our manufacturing processes are designed to meet key CTFs in materials, structures, and coatings.